Research on Blockchain protocols and applications fuels the work carried out by Smart-Chain competence centers

Blockchain has the potential to improve current processes
and systems by acting as digital enabler” – OCDE


Blockchain has the potential to improve current processes
and systems by acting as digital enabler” – OCDE

Our R&D vision at SmartChain

“Don’t think Blockchain only through a technological prism.”

This innovation creates the foundation for a world-changing transformation of our economic and social models

As an independent research center, we focus on the strategic and technical implications of Blockchain on businesses, governments and society

Our approach aims to give our partners the keys to integrate Blockchain into their digital transformation

Topics covered in 2020



Legal and fiscal

With our partners

Coffee break topics from our researchers

  • Cryptography – Hash functions – Asymmetric cryptography algorithms – Merkle tree
  • Resilience and security of distributed protocols – Blockchain node – Validator node
  • Game theory – Incentive network – Micro-incentive – Nash equilibrium
  • Governance – Voting system – Liquid democracy
  • Protocol amendment – Formal language – Versioning & Backward compatibility
  • Traceability and transparency of supply chains (e.g. organic products)
  • Valuation and certification of sustainable agriculture approaches
  • Modeling of dynamic shelf life for fresh products:
  • Optimization of inventory management and reduction of food waste
  • Tipping system for farmers when purchasing in retail by end consumers
  • Loyalty / Incentive programs and the issuance of of private currencies
  • Incentive and collective governance mechanisms to foster circular economy in local territories
  • Management systems for grants and donations to revitalize local businesses local businesses in a context of crisis
  • Anti-counterfeiting systems with digital twins & guarantee of authenticity of luxury products
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Interaction and security of M2M communications
  • Secure authentication systems to link a physical product to its digital double
  • Smart Grid
  • Energy Certification
  • Tool for managing the energy performance of buildings
  • Intellectual property rights and digital property to promote knowledge sharing between the various contractors on site 
  • Creation of a single source of truth – transparent to stakeholders – to facilitate collaborative project management and associated flows (information, contractual, financial)
  • Unified and holistic traceability solution of the supply chain on site to better perform Life Cycle Analysis of buildings and improve / make reliable tools as a BIM
  • Means for laboratories to share test results (COVID) with requesters in a decentralized and secure manner

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